Amir Mohammad Moradi SizkouhiMachine Learning and Robotics Researcher

I Received My B.Sc. Degree From Sharif University Of Technology, Which Is The Most Prestigious University In Iran. I Am A Graduate Student of Aerospace From Amirkabir University Of Technology (Tehran Polytechnique) With A Background on Machine learning And Highly Interested In Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Vision, Robotics And Control Theory


Autonomous Path Planning on PV power plants


In this project, an innovative approach is represented in order to optimize the path during the monitoring of PV panels. For this purpose, two algorithms are developed as static and dynamic path planning. In static path planning, an optimum initial path is generated. Subsequently, the waypoints are transmitted to the robot for further action. Dynamic path planning checks robot’s abilities after any specific maneuver. If the robot cannot complete the initial path, dynamic path maker enters in the loop to create a new optimum path according to robot’s position and endurance.

Step 1: The Main Image of Arak PV Power Plant

Step 2: The edges of the modules are extracted with the canny method

Step 3: The image is prepared for path planning with detecting contours features

Step 4: The Convex Curve

Step 5: The main idea for calculating the waypoints is obtaining the intersection points of rectangle lines with the convex curve

Step 6: The Final Path on Arak PV Powerplant

Step 7: Dynamic Path Planning